Directions – how to find us


BHS Global Logistics GmbH
Logistikpark 1
92729 Weiherhammer

Note: The new address »Logistikpark 1« can be found on Google / Google Maps since the End of May.
This is perhaps not yet the case with other route planners or in navigation systems. According to experience, the industrial area  »Weberschlag« in Weiherhammer can be entered as a rough destination.  

Via Weiden-Süd

  • Exit 25 (Ausfahrt 25)
    Direction Weiden / Hirschau / Etzenricht / Rothenstadt
  • Then onto the St2238
    in direction Etzenricht / Rothenstadt / industrial area Regensburger Straße / Hirschau
  • Cross the intersection straight ahead and continue on the St2238 in the direction of Amberg / Hirschau / Etzenricht (approx. 6.4 km)
  • Turn right onto the NEW21 in the direction of Mantel / Weiherhammer / Gewerbegebiet Weiherhammer
  • Now, while driving on, pay attention to the signs »Logistikpark« and the logistics center, which is coming on the right side
  • Turn right at sign »Logistikpark«

Via Weiden-Frauenricht

  • Exit 24 (Ausfahrt 24)
    Direction Weiden-Frauenricht / Freihung / Mantel
  • Then onto the St2166 in the direction of Freihung / Mantel out of town
    (approx. 3.2 km)
  • Turn left in the direction of Trippach
  • Follow the road, continue on Geräum, Turnhallensiedlung, Lohbachwinkel, Hüttenwerk - approx. 4.8 km
  • Turn right onto Hüttenwerk
  • Continue on Paul-Engel-Straße (here: main entrance of BHS Corrugated)
  • Turn left onto Hauptstraße
  • Continue on Bahnhofsstraße (cross the underpass)
  • Turn left onto NEW21
  • Now, while driving on, pay attention to the signs for »Logistikpark« and the logistics center, which is on your left