Corporate Policy – Principles of our Activities

BHS Global Logistics GmbH as a competence partner in the field of »logistics« and medium-sized organization is very aware of the importance and significance of quality, environment & energy. The requirements with regard to these and other aspects as well as the associated obligation towards the customers are constantly increasing, especially nowadays.

Therefore, the establishment of a corporate policy and the existence of a functioning management system are essential prerequisites to ensure a successful existence on the market in the long term. The following principles characterize the daily activities of BHS Global Logistics GmbH.

In the supply of our logistics services and our inventory management, as well as in the performance of our activities in the field of personnel services, we take customer requirements seriously and naturally place them in the focus of our interest. Our open and honest communication, our flat hierarchy and our joint action within the organization form the solid basis for meeting the needs of our customers in the best possible way.

In direct interaction with our customers, we present ourselves as a reliable partner at eye level. We deliver meaningful results at the agreed time and, where possible, act proactively to keep any inconvenience away from the customer as far as possible, thereby increasing their satisfaction. Respect for each other and the high quality of the services offered are an important element for a deep and long-term cooperation with our customers as well as with our suppliers and other business partners.

BHS Global Logistics GmbH always strives to fulfill its tasks to the fullest satisfaction of the other party on time, correctly and as ordered. The process-oriented approach, the associated continuous improvement of our own processes and the management system as well as a close and coordinated teamwork / cooperation between the employees support us in this.

Engaged, motivated and professionally competent employees make a valuable contribution to the quality of our services and processes every day with their own activities in a working environment that is pleasant for them. Thanks to their flexibility and adaptability, we are always able to meet new challenges together. Therefore, the resource »human being« represents an important and not to be neglected success factor for the organization, which has to be considered and promoted accordingly. The management as well as the executives set a good example and encourage the employees to always develop and contribute personally as well as professionally.

The continuous (further) development of the organization itself and the existing service portfolio also has a very high priority. For BHS Global Logistics GmbH, as for any other company, this is one of the most important keys to preparing the organization for the future, positioning it accordingly and thus placing it on a solid footing in the long term.

The management needs the necessary vision here – paired with a lot of courage & intellect, so that this young organization can also follow completely new and innovative paths in the future; paths which in part represent a novelty in the industry and thus promote growth and further consolidate or expand the market position.

BHS Global Logistics GmbH has dedicated itself to the core competence of »logistics«. Especially in this area, terms such as »green logistics« play an immensely important role today. The fact that we are aware of this obligation regarding the environment and energy is already obvious in the planning, conception and realization of the logistics center. Because even here, increased attention was paid to the topic of »sustainability« and »energy efficiency«. This building meets the requirements of the new BEG energy standard (BEG 55) and is already DGNB climate-certified.

Furthermore, further precautions have already been taken during the construction phase, in order to be able to take the next steps later in the sense of green logistics. For BHS Global Logistics GmbH, environmental protection and energy management are an integral and important part of corporate policy.

We are aware that all our activities have a direct or indirect impact on the environment and affect the energy balance of the organization. Therefore, the protection of the environment and the careful use of all resources (e.g. energy, raw materials) in connection with resource-saving and energy-efficient actions and corresponding decisions are central to us. The impact on people and nature should be kept as low as possible; this must always be in a healthy balance with entrepreneurial profitability.

We endeavor to use energy-efficient, state-of-the-art plant, machinery and equipment. When procuring new products and services, we also ensure that aspects of energy efficiency and environmental protection are taken into account as far as possible.

In our daily work, we try to avoid waste and wastages of any kind; in addition, we regularly look at ways to reduce CO2 emissions, for example.

BHS Global Logistics GmbH expects responsible awareness and behavior from employees at all levels with regard to environmental protection and resource-saving energy use. Furthermore, our suppliers and other business partners should also have a similar view. We welcome the exchange of ideas and suggestions for improvement at any time.

The Management commits itself to:

  • The organization can achieve its intended and defined goals in all areas by providing the required information, data and resources.
  • Compliance with all legal, statutory, official and other requirements, provisions and regulations applicable to BHS Global Logistics GmbH is ensured at all times.
  • Unwanted effects / errors are systematically investigated in the sense of continuous improvement and eliminated as sustainably as possible. In addition, resource conservation and energy saving are not ignored when optimizing processes, as far as this is economically justifiable.
  • The best possible implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the management system is pursued.