Our goals

  • partnerships 
  • cooperation with institutions (e.g. educational institutions and universities)
  • code of conduct
  • anti-corruption, anti-bribery, anti-money laundering
  • human rights  
  • risk and reputation management

Our measures

  • quality management certification according to ISO 9001
  • company guidelines 
  • corporate code of conduct for employees and business partners 
  • compliance 
  • sustainable risk management 
  • data protection


We regard lawful, ethical and responsible conduct as an essential part of our corporate and social responsibility. This is what we stand for at BHS Global Logistics – in harmony with our employees as well as with our business partners and suppliers. Worldwide and without compromise.

The management of our company is subject to the highest ethical and legal standards. For us, compliance is a self-evident prerequisite for sustainable management. No business that is beneficial to us justifies violating the law or ethical values that are important to us. We consider compliance with legal and internal company regulations as a natural basis for every business activity.

The basic understanding and principles of our compliance value system reflect our Code of Conduct for Employees as well as the applicable corporate guidelines.

We expect legally compliant and ethical behaviour not only from ourselves, but also from our suppliers and business partners in order to respect human rights and environmental standards worldwide. The management of BHS Corrugated is clearly committed to comply with the principles of the Compliance Management Systems (CMS). A corporate culture that promotes integrity towards employees, customers, business partners and authorities is the focus of our business activities.



Setting the course – and a good example

Compliance means observing laws, guidelines and voluntary codes of behavior. Naturally, every effort is made to maintain proper business practices. However, it is not always easy to know in every situation whether a given action is compliant or not. This is why it is so important for a company to include a trustworthy office that keeps staff informed and listens to their concerns but also consistently tracks violations.



Avoiding risk – protecting reputation

With our compliance management, we pursue the goal of avoiding liability risks for both our employees and our company and protecting our reputation. Compliance is the responsibility of every individual. We do not tolerate any violations of the law, even those ostensibly committed in the interest of our company.



In-house guidance and obligations

Our business practices are based on our company-wide Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct provides an orientation framework and applies to every one of us – the management and executives as well as every employee of BHS Global Logistics.


Code of Conduct for Employees

Suppliers & business partners

Suppliers & business partners

Compliant supply

Naturally, the principles of ethical business practices likewise apply to our relationship with our suppliers. Our Code of Conduct provides clearly defined “dos and don’ts” and is available for download. 


Working together the right way

We expect legitimate and ethical conduct not only from ourselves but from our business partners, as well. The principles of conduct and values that we expect from our business partners are therefore stated in our Code of Conduct.


Code of Conduct for Suppliers & Business Partners

Whistleblower system

We want to be informed about any unlawful behavior in our company in order to be able to clarify and eliminate such behavior. Therefore we have introduced a whistleblower system. We encourage everyone – regardless of whether they are an employee, former colleague, customer, supplier or third party – to inform us of any violations of the law or of our guidelines or the Code of Conduct. This should ensure the timely discovery, tracking and, if necessary, punishment of compliance violations.  The whistleblower system is only used to receive and process reports of actual or suspected violations and is not available for general complaints. With this reporting channel, employees of BHS Global Logistics and external third parties can report concerns, information and violations confidentially. With every report you help to clarify and eliminate misconduct and abuses. All information, including references to the whistleblower, will be processed confidentially and within the framework of the applicable laws. You can use the following reporting channels to submit a report:

In addition to the internal reporting channels, there is also the option contacting external authorities responsible for the individual case with your complaint or report.